Makan-makan with Jen

So before Jen and Mike set off for their awesome vacation (one of the legs included dinner with Hisham’s family), we had a warm up makan session at the newly discovered Penang restaurant in Edison, NJ. We ordered so much food that they had to move us from a table suited to seat 3-4 people, to a table for 8. Jen got to try a bunch of Malaysian dishes including assam laksa, pasembur, mee kari, kangkung belacan, roti canai, and all kinds more. The person who took our order was trying to warn me that perhaps some of my choices were not something that would be enjoyed by Jen and Vin but oh, he didn’t know them as well as I did. 🙂 We all had an excellent meal. Sila makan, everyone.

Here is a picture from our first makan-makan at Penang:

[[image:jen01.jpg:After we were stuffed to the gills:center:0]]

Tonight, we just went out with Jen again to the Penang for another makan-makan. It was again, fabulous! Sila likes! Here are Jen and me trying to recreate the pose that she and Hisham had outside the Hilton KL Sentral, only this time outside the Hampton Inn in NJ:

[[image:jen02.jpg:Peace! v2:center:0]]

[[image:jen03.jpg:Another take:center:0]]

More makan-makan next week, Jen?

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