I Scream You Scream We All Scream

for Graeter’s Ice Cream!!!! Ever since we really explored a local chain of fabulous ice cream (they made Allie’s birthday cakes last year – mmmmmm) we have totally been converted. Eat your heart out Ben & Jerry’s! Take a hike, Cold Stone Creamery! Graeter’s is the greatest!!!

This is my favorite flavor:

[[image:graeter1.jpg:Chocolate chocolate chip rules:center:0]]

And this is why Graeter’s rocks:

[[image:graeter2.jpg:Chocolate chip the size of Alaska:center:0]] 

The whole bottom half of that pint was literally a mound of chocolate that didn’t get broken up into more “normal” chip-sized pieces. It was aaaaaamazing! So yummy and dark and smooth. Vin’s favorite flavor is coconut chocolate chip but I’m loyal to mine. Here’s another look at said amazingly huge chocolate chip:

[[image:graeter3.jpg:Half pint of awesome chocolate anyone?:center:0]] 

The best ice cream ever!

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