My 10 Best Drawlloweens

I discovered an activity called Drawlloween that someone made up to draw things daily in October in conjunction with Halloween. There is a list of topics, which you can see at my Google Photo album. Naturally, instead of spooky stuff I turned it into an absolute nerdfest.

Sienar Fleet Systems represent


Eyeball is of course the pilot slang for an Imperial TIE fighter, just like squints are TIE interceptors, dupes TIE bombers and bright TIE Advanced.

Herman Munster


It’s actually Herman Munster reading Promethean The Created rule book. Elsewhere in the album (But not in this blog post) are Michael Morbius reading Vampire The Masquerade and Jacob Russell readying Werewolf The Forsaken.

Battle Android Trooper


It’s not a nerdfest without at least one obscure G.I. Joe reference…

Mobile Armored Strike Kommand


… nor without Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem.



Barfolomew: “It’s not that we’re afraid, far from it, it’s just that we’ve got this thing about death… It’s not us.”



How many XPs do I get with a drawing that references Futurama which itself is referencing Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Dark Water


These aren’t really skeleton. The dark water is making anything inorganic invisible.

The Empty Child


Could this child be any emptier?

Rapid Assault Tracker


StarCom was a pretty good toy and animated series. They should bring it back and reboot it for a new generation.

Felicia Hardy

Black Cat

Felicia. Nuff said.

Next time I should do tryptiches so I can fit everything into 10 images. Click here to view the entire Drawlloween 2015 galery on Google Photos.

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