Pacific Northwest: Part III (Hurricane Ridge)

The next day dawned rainy (as evil Mr Weatherman had forecasted). We drove back east towards Seattle, and decided to try Hurricane Ridge to see if the rain would hold off. On the way up the Ridge, this is what we saw:

[[image:pacnw47.jpg:Bambi? Is that you?:center:0]]

Bambi! And his family, too:

[[image:pacnw45.jpg:Bambi’s Aunty?:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw46.jpg:Bambi’s Mommy?:center:0]]

I couldn’t see any big antlers, so I presume these are female adults. Although what do I know about deer in North America? Nothing, really.

In the meantime, what about another video distraction? Say “Hi, Bambi!!”

[[image:pacnwbambi.jpg:Where’s Thumper and Flower?:center:0]]

But this early on in the drive up, it looked promising (weather, I mean). We might be able to see some stuff. Right?

Wrong! By the time we got to the top, to the lookout point, the temperature had dropped to below freezing, the wind was whipping us around, and freezing rain attacked us. 🙁

This is as much of what would have been an awesome snow-capped vista that I was able to take:

[[image:pacnw48.jpg:Stormy Hurricane Ridge:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw49.jpg:Dreamy scenery:center:0]]

Believe me, Vin and Vincent (smartly) were in the visitor center while I stood outside, teeth chattering, trying to photostitch. I had to crop half of the ridge off of the below because the evil evil weather + cold, shivering hands + rain on the camera lenses conspired to attack my already challenged photostitching skills. This is the best I could do:

[[image:pacnwst04.jpg:Hurricane Ridge:center:0]]

Tune in next time for more Pacific Northwest Adventures! Will the rain hold off? What’s in store for our intrepid adventurers! 🙂

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