Pacific Northwest: Part IV (Dungeness Spit)

After our disappointing Hurricane Ridge outing, we had to recover so we opted for an early lunch. We were planning to have a big sushi-buffet feast for dinner, so if I recall correctly, my lunch consisted of clam chowder, a few of Vin’s fries, and a slice of chocolate cake. A highly nutritional meal, no? 😉 But, lo and behold, after lunch, as we drove onwards, the sun came back out. We decided to risk stopping at Dungeness Spit.

[[image:pacnw51.jpg:Dungeness Signboard:center:0]]

Before you ask what this is, and if we expected expectorating when we were there, it’s basically a long, narrow strip of land that sticks out the coastline in the shape of somebody hocking a loogie. It was pretty foggy though. Pretty much the best picture I could get of the Spit is this one, taken from the overlook by the parking lot.

[[image:pacnw52.jpg:Dungeness Spit:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw50.jpg:Vin and Vincent at the overlook:center:0]]

By the time we got down to the beach/spit area, this is what we saw:

[[image:pacnw53.jpg:Foggy sampai cannot see anything:center:0]]

We made the best of it and walked around a little bit. We decided not to walk too far. It is a 5-mile long hike all the way to the tip, where there is a lighthouse, so we decided since we can’t even see anything, we shouldn’t venture too far into the fog.

[[image:pacnw54.jpg:Vincent at Dungeness Spit:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw55.jpg:A beached little baby seal:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw56.jpg:Fantasy-esque Foggy View:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw57.jpg:Vin and Vincent checking out the Wildlife Refuge area:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw58.jpg:Vin made a rock sculpture!:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw59.jpg:Vin and Vincent with trees looming above:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw60.jpg:More trees:center:0]]

We decided to head for the ferry back to Edmonds (can anyone say “sushi buffet”?). We wanted to try and beat the traffic at the ferry terminal, it being a Friday afternoon and all. Before we go, one photostitching of the Dungeness Spit Harbour Wildlife Refuge. The protected part of the Spit is a wildlife refuge and visitors are not allowed to walk on that side so I stayed on our side and took this picture:

[[image:pacnwst03.jpg:Dungeness Wildlife Refuge:center:0]]

I’ll be back with more Pacific Northwest Adventures later!

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