Pacific Northwest: Part VIII (Addendum: Artsy Seattle)

Now that my little spate of patriotism is over, and it’s September (Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! And YAAAAY to Monday being a holiday!), a little addendum to day we spent walking around Seattle. Aside from the cleanliness, as has been remarked upon by several people, there was a lot of artwork displayed in and around the city. They’ve also architected the city to be sort of artsy and functional at the same time. I took a bunch of random snapshots and decided to group them together in this entry.

Just look at this cool fountain:

[[image:pacnw85.jpg:Fountain where we had lunch:center:0]]

Please hover over the images for the captions.

[[image:pacnw84.jpg:More Lavender:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw83.jpg:The Pacific Science Center:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw88.jpg:Monorail coming into the station:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw90.jpg:Sculpture and building:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw91.jpg:Water sculpture – there’s a walkway through the waterfall, so cool:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw97.jpg:Taking pictures of pig sculptures:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw98.jpg:Arrr Matey – Vin and Vincent and the Pirate Pig:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw101.jpg:Reminds me of the Walking Madonna at Salisbury Cathedral:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw102.jpg:Stairs down to the Waterfront, with artwork everywhere:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw103.jpg:Funky statue of Christopher Columbus:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw104.jpg:Ink drawing at Pike Place Market:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw105.jpg:Lil’s Henna Tattoo:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw109.jpg:I think this is part of the Science Fiction Museum/Experience Music Project building:center:0]]

Just a little taste of the artsy sights of Seattle. Next we’ll journey on to Vancouver.

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