Pacific Northwest: Part X (Vancouver)

My goodness, I can’t believe I’ve been sitting on these pictures for so long. This was back in July, when we had a mini-get together with Vincent and Lilian. The journey so far, we had spent time in Washington State, and driven Lilian back up to Vancouver. Checked into our hotel and didn’t do too much that first night, due to the rain and the altogether blah weather.

The next morning, it rained and rained some more. So we took our time getting out. We were going to go to a museum (for an indoor activity) but realized it was pretty far from where we were and would take an hour and a half by public transport to get there, so that deterred us. We were just lazing about the hotel, and ended up having lunch at the food court of the mall next door. Unbelievably, every store there was Asian. When Vin and I walked through there in the morning, I spotted 3 Caucasians in the mall in total, one of whom was Vin, one was a security guard, and one other tourist. I’ll be back with pictures of this very Asian mall in Vancouver later.

Finally we got off our bums and decided to go and walk around Vancouver:

[[image:pacnw127.jpg:Science Museum?:center:0]]

Sorry, I would be suspicious of my captions (mouse over the pics for them) since it really has been over 2 months since we were there… * blush *

Some images from our afternoon in Vancouver (note the cloudiness):

[[image:pacnw130.jpg:Office buildings:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw129.jpg:Funky Tree Carving:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw128.jpg:Cute and colorful Aquabus:center:0]]

We bought a day pass for the water ferry (it turned out it wasn’t the Aquabus company, but it did the trick) so we could get on and off the boat and just go up and down False Creek. Here are a bunch of pictures that I took while on the water:

[[image:pacnw131.jpg:Buildings from boat:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw132.jpg:Azura! Is this your boat?:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw133.jpg:Opah Irfan’s boat?:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw134.jpg:One of the stops along the way:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw136.jpg:Vin in the boat:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw137.jpg:More waterfront scenery:center:0]]


[[image:pacnw139.jpg:Waiting for the ferry:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw140.jpg:Ferry stop:center:0]]

We also got off the boat and walked around Granville Market:

[[image:pacnw141.jpg:Granville Public Market:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw142.jpg:Fresh smoked salmon from the market:center:0]]

Boy that salmon was pretty yummy. We had a spicy kind (which was very spicy) and a regular kind, and it’s a bit different from the regular smoked salmon that we get here. It’s somehow less fishy and a lot less salty. I quite enjoyed it. Now for some pictures of our walk, staying by the water. We walked towards Stanley Park.

[[image:pacnw135.jpg:Cool view of the bridge:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw143.jpg:View of the creek:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw144.jpg:Here’s Vin:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw147.jpg:Boat in the water:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw145.jpg:First People Totem of some sort:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw146.jpg:Vin and me, relaxing on a bench:center:0]]

Then it was time to meet up with Lil for dinner. Yayyyy! And look, finally blue skies! Of course, it’s going to get dark in 30 minutes at this point, but we totally enjoyed our 30 minutes of sunshine.

[[image:pacnw148.jpg:Cantik dan biru:center:0]]

I’ll stop for now, and be back with our dinner pictures later. Later!

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