Pacific Northwest: Part XI (Vancouver – Night)

After walking around Vancouver, we were pretty tired, so we met up with Lilian for a spot of dinner. Come see what we had!

[[image:pacnw149.jpg:Olive Tapenade appetizer:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw150.jpg:Scallops appetizer:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw151.jpg:Baby Octopus and Asparagus appetizer:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw152.jpg:Seafood Risotto:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw153.jpg:Lamb chops:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw154.jpg:Fish (I forgot what kind now):center:0]]

[[image:pacnw155.jpg:Chocolate cake and bread pudding in the background:center:0]]

We had us a veritable feast! Yummy! I was so involved with the food that I didn’t even take any pictures of people. Seriously. *ishhhh* So we said our goodbyes to Lilian, as we were heading back to Seattle and home to Ohio the next day. It was a really fun trip, and I’m looking forward to getting together with Vincent and Lilian again next year! (Or whenever the next get together might be).

Here are some pictures of the view from our room at night – a bit blurry. Sorry, my hand is not as steady as a tripod. 😉

[[image:pacnw156.jpg:I’m in the picture too:center:0]]


[[image:pacnw158.jpg:More lights:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw159.jpg:The mall:center:0]]

Come back soon for more Pacific Northwest! I promise, we’re almost done now. One more day, then balik kampung!

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