Pacific Rim Heroclix Battle

Ivan and Kai of the GOKL gaming group dropped by to visit us for Aidilfitri.

The Aidilfitri visit is of course an excuse for some gaming shenanigans.

[[image:heroclix-pacrim01.jpg:L-R Slattern, Knifehead, two Gipsy Dangers, Coyote Tango and Scunner:center:0]]

Once upon a time – about a month ago – I asked Kai if he knew where to get any Pacific Rim Heroclix figures. At the time, there was none in town. When his order from Noble Knight Games arrived, he offered to sell two figures so Irfan and I can play! The jaeger I picked was Gipsy Danger and the kaiju I picked was Knifehead. This game needs more jaegers and kaiju. A Tacit Ronin clix would be awesome.

But since a host of clix were arrayed on the dinner table, Kai taught Irfan to play.

[[image:heroclix-pacrim02.jpg:Needs more whipswords:center:0]]

Here we have Kai playing Scunner and Irfan playing Gipsy Danger. Gipsy Danger kept failing his dice rolls and missing his shots. Ultimately, Scunner was done in by a lucky shot by a jet fighter. If it was Slattern, then Gipsy Danger would have taken a Walk with Slattern.

[[image:heroclix-pacrim03.jpg:Also in picture, Star Wars The Card Game:center:0]]

As the clix game was running, Ivan read the new Edge of the Empire Star Wars RPG core rulebook and checked out the new blank character, group and starship sheets I’d printed out.

[[image:heroclix-pacrim04.jpg:Irfan is a member of GOKL now:center:0]]

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from GOKL, I suppose!

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