Pajeri Terong

When we were growing up, Hisham’s favorite food was Pajeri Nenas (holy cow! No Wikipedia listing for this!!). Pajeri is a kind of spicy thick gravy, sweeter than a curry but similar to a curry, containing different spices as well as kerisik).

I had never made this dish myself, and finally I attempted it. But instead of Nenas (pineapple), i used Terong (eggplant/aubergine) to make Pajeri Terong.

The eggplant (terong) being cooked:

[[image:pajeri1.jpg:The gravy is still yellow and thin:center:0]]

The pajeri terong, cooked and ready to serve:

[[image:pajeri2.jpg:The gravy has darkened and thickened:center:0]]

Amazingly, it turned out pretty good! I thought it tasted like my mother’s. It felt like I was home and eating her food, stealing as many pineapples from Hisham as I could. 😀 Thanks for the recipe, Mak!!

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