Paper Mini Imperial Troops

The ubiquitous Imperial Stormtrooper Corps is feared throughout the galaxy, which warrant their own set of paper minis. Here is a full 8-man stormtrooper squad. Are they Carida Academy graduates or GeNode clones? Who cares. I just want pie.

An 8-man squad


Stormtrooper Scouts a.k.a Scout Troopers are highly mobile and lightly armoured. Here they are aimless without their 74-Z speeder bikes and waiting for the bus.

Be prepared

Scout Troopers

Meanwhile, on the frozen planet of Hoth, four Snowtroopers were about to form a band.However, they forgot their thermal underwear.

Blizzard Force


Storm Commandos use the Scout armour but painted black. So, I just inverted colours on the Scout minis, and voila! (Actually they’re not exactly identical, so these Commando minis aren’t really accurate.)

A cheat really...

Storm Commando

You can also save money by printing these suckers in monochrome. I made them all in black and white.

Click here to download the first batch of stormtrooper minis from Google Drive.

Click here to download the second batch of stormtrooper minis from Google Drive.

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