Paper Minis: Alien Fringers

It has been a while since I made Star Wars RPG paper minis. So, here is a PDF that features Wookiees, Aqualish, Rodians, Duros, Ithorians and Quarrens. You can use them as bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, scouts, bodyguards, gunslingers or just a random guy on the street when the shooting starts.

They're kind of flat

They’re kind of flat

Print them out on cardstock, fold and glue them to toughen them…

Folded aliens

Folded aliens

… then prop them up on a base. Also, switch off any table fans.

Together again for the first time

Class photo

Again, you can download and assemble the bases from the One Monk Miniatures website.

Download the PDF for free here from Google Drive.

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