Paper Minis: Specialised Stormtroopers

More Imperial paper miniatures for Star Wars RPG!

  • Imperial Radiation Zone Assault Troopers a.k.a. “Radtroopers” are a specially trained and geared subgroup in the Stormtrooper Corps that fight in highly radioactive environments. Use them when the player characters are in “hot” zones. Crashed. Rescue operations. These troops can be the opposition.
  • Imperial Storm Commandos are an elite members of the Stormtrooper Corps that perform covert operations, sabotage and precision strikes behind enemy lines. You could use them whenever you want Imperial armoured ninjas to be a thorn on the player characters’ sides.

Click here to download and assemble the paper miniatures from Google Drive.

What's that Eliminator 434 doing behind them

Radtroopers and Storm Commandos in Chalmun’s Cantina

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