Paperminis: Characters from my SWRPG Campaigns

Here are paper miniatures of characters created for my own various Star Wars RPG campaigns for your own use. There is space at their feet on one side of the paperminis to write their names on.

Time is the Hunter characters

Time is the Hunter

L-R: Jax Hunt – human bounty hunter, Iris Helena – human amnesiac

Note: Iris Helena is based on Helena on Orphan Black.

Edged by the Empire characters

Edged by the Empire

L-R: Giin Lawquane – human mercenary, Hondo Pash – human smuggler, Yuzy Pash – human kid, Numa – Twi’lek soldier

Note: Numa is the same Numa that appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and later (after her appearance in this campaign) popped up in Star Wars Rebels.

Modesty Blazing characters

Modesty Blazing

L-R: John Tray’Essek – Trandoshan hired gun/marauder, Qillian Ryn – Trianii bounty hunter/assassin, VAX-11/750 – technician/slicer, Vendrik – Duros spy/infiltrator, Nora Romanova – human smuggler/scoundrel, Darter Kel – Zeltron explorer/scout

Note: VAX-11 body design is based on robots seen in the movie Elysium. Nora’s clothes are based on costume from The Dirty Pair anime. All of Darter’s weapons and gear are on him even if they are not visible.

Click here to download, print and assemble all of these character paperminis for free from Google Drive!

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