Paperminis: Human Jedi Knights

It has come to my attention that I do not have any Star Wars RPG paper miniatures intended for use as Jedi. So as starters, here is a set of eight Jedi (two colour-variant sets of four designs) to be used as generic human Jedi. They are garbed in prequel-era Jedi Knight robes with either blue or green lightsabres.

Human Jedi Knights

Guardians of Peace and Justice

Too be fair, I think they look kind of bland. Scenes with a lot of Jedi in the prequels also do have this bland quality to it. I think it accentuates how much dogma and homogeneity have permeated the once-magnificent Jedi Order.

With more time perhaps I can make Star Wars Rebels/West End Games-era Jedi which has more diverse costume designs. I would also like to create common alien species Jedi paperminis. Maybe, even Darksiders with their red-bladed lightsabres.

Human Jedi Knights

Protecting an innocent bush

Click here to download for free and assemble the Human Jedi Knights PDF from Google Drive.

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