Paperminis: Rogue One Troopers

Rogue One, the first of the Star Wars anthology movies, will be released in six months. New stormtrooper types which will make their debut in the film have been introduced by Lucasfilm a couple of weeks ago.

Shoretroopers have no space between the words and death troopers do.

New types of stormtrooper classes for the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps

We have no idea what the functions of these new stormtroopers are right now. If I were to guess, the shoretroopers are made of clones of Pauly Shore and the death troopers die immediately after wearing the uniform.

Shore Leave Troopers

Do they even carry E-11s? I don’t know.

In any case, I made a single sheet of paper miniatures to be used with the Star Wars RPG. Six shoretroopers and six death troopers to be used against any rebel scum in your campaign.

Def Troopers

Not to be confused with the novel by Joe Schreiber

Updated (9th December 2018): Minor layout repairs done and a brand new shoretrooper drawing inserted in the pdf.

Click here to download the free pdf for printing and assembly!

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