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Edward MacGregor has been commissioning more paper miniatures over the months.

The paperminis are for his uchronic South East Asian early-20th century setting where Western colonialisation did not occur and local culture has evolved into a dieselpunk society. Entitled Enigma Corps, the setting is written for the FATE ruleset.  Here are three more batches for characters paperminis!

They are all now live at my Hishgraphics Patreon page. Check out the photos below.

Street toughs and maidens

Street toughs and maidens

Batch 6 features a bunch of street toughs and maidens who do not dabble in the dieselpunk technology of the era.

Click here to download Enigma Corps 06 at my Patreon page.

Bikers and techs

Bikers and techs

Batch 7 comprise of dieselpunk bikers and their mechanics. For the first time ever, we have a papermini of a bike.

Click here to download Enigma Corps 07 at my Patreon page

Police and spies

Police and spies

Meanwhile, police and spies are up and about in the streets of the city in Batch 8. Some look pleasant. Some are deadly. Some are both.

Click here to download Enigma Corps 08 at my Patreon page

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