Perth – Part 3

After our nice outing, we hung out some more with EJ until he dropped us off at Mei’s place – he was off to the airport to pick up some more people. Can you guess who they might be? 😉 In the evening, Mei, Colin, Vin and I piled into the mini and drove to EJ’s for dinner. BTW, when trying to fit Vin and 3 other people in the mini, always place Vin either in the front passenger seat in front of Mei, or behind the driver’s seat if Mei is driving. Everyone has plenty of room with this arrangement! 🙂

Here are the pictures at EJ and Indra’s place (please mouse over the pictures for captions):

[[image:oz29.jpg:Vin and Colin:center:0]]

[[image:oz28.jpg:Peter and a bit of Hsu-Yi:center:0]]

[[image:oz44.jpg:Mei manning the barbecue:center:0]]

[[image:oz30.jpg:Hsu doing the dishes:center:0]]

[[image:oz31.jpg:EJ and Mei:center:0]]

[[image:oz32.jpg:EJ gawking at the tomatoes:center:0]]

[[image:oz33.jpg:Sasha and Boris:center:0]]

[[image:oz34.jpg:Indra on tippy-toe and Vin:center:0]]

[[image:oz35.jpg:Mei and Indra:center:0]]

[[image:oz36.jpg:Hsu, Indra, EJ, Mei, Pete:center:0]]

[[image:oz37.jpg:EJ and Indra – aren’t they just adorable?:center:0]]

[[image:oz38.jpg:Colin and EJ discussing wedding music with Hsu and David in the background:center:0]]

[[image:oz39.jpg:Expanding the expandable table:center:0]]

[[image:oz40.jpg:Checking out EJ’s music selection:center:0]]

[[image:oz41.jpg:Kids, do not attempt this at home!:center:0]]

[[image:oz42.jpg:Mei and (I think) Sasha:center:0]]

[[image:oz43.jpg:Colin and two hotties:center:0]]

It was such a wonderful and fun evening – eating, chatting and hanging out just like we used to back when we were all cycling around Sitiawan and going to school together. I guess we have all grown up. But basically, even though we all live in such different places, and most of us are paired off, yet we are still enjoying time together (when we can) just like old times. The conversations were relaxed and a little nutty (just like we are), and who knew that marriage would domesticate Pete? His grilled fish was quite yummy! 🙂

It was such a wonderful day and a great evening. We loved being around our friends, and being in Perth. Yayyyy Perth! So to close, here’s a photostitching of the view from Kings Park (I forgot to include it in the earlier post about Kings Park):

[[image:ozps01.jpg:Perth and Swan River from Kings Park:center:0]]

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