Perth – Part 2

After a good night’s sleep, Vin and I were ready to tackle the first full day in Perth. While poor Mei and Colin had to go to work, EJ picked us up and took us to see the sights.

[[image:oz05.jpg:EJ and his car:center:0]]

*Note – please mouse over the pictures for captions.

[[image:oz06.jpg:Perth across the Swan River:center:0]]

[[image:oz07.jpg:Perth Skyline from the Swan Brewery:center:0]]

[[image:oz08.jpg:Vin and EJ:center:0]]

[[image:oz09.jpg:Pretty Tree:center:0]]

After lunch at the Swan Brewery, we headed to Kings Park. We decided to feel the wind in our hair, drive with the top down!

[[image:oz10.jpg:EJ driving:center:0]]

[[image:oz11.jpg:Vin enjoying the sun:center:0]]

Here we are in Kings Park. Look at the lovely trees:

[[image:oz12.jpg:Tree-lined road:center:0]]

EJ pointed out some interesting Australian flora:

[[image:oz13.jpg:Kangaroo Paw:center:0]]

[[image:oz14.jpg:Blooming plant – I forget the name:center:0]]

[[image:oz15.jpg:Vin and EJ with Perth Skyline in the background:center:0]]

[[image:oz16.jpg:Cenotaph – A War Memorial:center:0]]

[[image:oz17.jpg:Vin and EJ by the Cenotaph:center:0]]

[[image:oz18.jpg:Inside the Cenotaph, remembering those who fell in Malaya:center:0]]

[[image:oz19.jpg:The other side of the Cenotaph:center:0]]

[[image:oz20.jpg:Flame of Remembrance within the Pool of Reflection:center:0]]

[[image:oz21.jpg:Court of Contemplation with the Cenotaph in the background:center:0]]

[[image:oz22.jpg:Flame of Remembrance is always lit:center:0]]

[[image:oz23.jpg:Walls of the Court inscribed with major battlefields:center:0]]

[[image:oz24.jpg:One of which was the Malay States:center:0]]


[[image:oz26.jpg:More of the gorgeous trees:center:0]]

[[image:oz27.jpg:What a beautiful place:center:0]]

This park is free and open to the public. And just look at how blue the sky is and how blue the waters of the Swan River. This river, although it flows right by Perth city, is clean and safe to swim in and fish! Vin and I were amazed at how clean and well tended everything was. What a place to bring kids to, where they can run and play on the grass in King’s Park. I wish we had something like this close by us!

Anyway, since I have overloaded this entry with tons of pictures, I’ll be back later with pictures of the evening, where we went to EJ’s and Indra’s for a barbecue, and we’ll see more familiar faces. 🙂

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