Photos from an Academic Workshop

Once upon a time, the entire department was invited to attend an academic excellence workshop in which it was hoped that we would all be much more excellent than we were at being academics. Here are some photos from the programme. Perhaps some mouseover text will be provided as well.

Where did that ICE come from

It is entirely possible I might have scrawled some words upon this page.

Ina takes point

Ina introduces blended learning to the bullpen

Saf takes point

Saf talks about using Moodle to teach and assess students online. A bell goes ding in my brain.

Jasin models the nasi minyak

Jasin models the nasi minyak

Jasin models the food

Suddenly, we were accosted by loads of food designed to make us full.

The EGP table

We had to sit around the table to come up with a solution to a problem.

I gesticulate

My idea for a solution was to point at stuff and wave my hands around

Those who made it happen

Here is the team that organised the two-day soiree, so to speak. Thanks, ladies.

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