Platinum Grit

Platinum Grit

Platinum Grit

Kris Vanderwater, a great web programmer and 3D modeller, introduced me to Platinum Grit, a awesome Australian webcomic by Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy. There’s no fantasy some elements of fantasy, no science-fiction a weird alien abduction issue which just defies description, no breaking-the-fourth-wall humour, and no references to video games at all 😉 … just stories about normal (but quirky) relationship between three main characters, Kate, Nils and Jeremy and some hints a fair bit of neuroses (especially masochism on Jeremy’s part).

The issue which chronicles Nils and Jeremy’s first meeting features a good deal of turtles exploding, laying waste to a zoo, and breaking the sanity of a zoo-keeper which will return to haunt Jeremy in a later issue. Supporting characters include Jeremy’s wrinkly Aunt Lottie (a far bit of perseverance needed to decipher her thick Scottish brogue), a Jamaican-accented cupboard, Arthur the pig and Zeigfried.

I’m still reading through the issues, and I can’t wait to resume reading them
. I’m done reading them all, and there is no possible way I can describe to you the experience of reading this webcomic. All I can say is that it’s linear, it’s funny, it’s shocking, it’s got weird characters, and I like it very much. Macromedia Shockwave is a requirement to read them.

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