Pool Time with the Cousins


Alya in the pool

It wouldn’t be a visit to our place without a dip in the building’s swimming pool. Irfan practically learnt to swim by himself here.

Sila and Vin had been training Yaya the same way. She was totally unafraid of the water. Everything about splashing around in the pool just screamed “unabashed fun” to her. That of course meant we had to accompany her every step of the way because she was oblivious to the dangers of jumping off the deep end before learning to swim.

In any case, as the photo above illustrates, she had lots of fun.

Formerly the water baby

Grandstanding Irfan

Irfan swam all over the pool, showing off his skills to his aunt and uncle, spinning as he propelled himself through the water. Here he balanced himself on one leg as Atok took a photo.

The cousins goofing off again


Alya couldn’t really play with her cousin in the pool itself because she has yet to develop her swimming skills. She was content with just running to the edge of the pool where someone would safely grab her and swing her up and into the water. She made her delight very, very well heard by all.

Here comes the pitch


Irfan, Vin and I played ball. Vin thought Irfan had potential to be a baseball player some day. Irfan was amused by the stunts performed by his Ayah Cik as he caught the balls Irfan threw.

The current water baby

Alya and Mama

Alya can’t wait to swim without help!


Resting our eyes

Tired from all the ball throwing, Irfan and I took a nap.

Letting her hair down

Letting her hair down

Alya enjoyed lying down with half her head in the water and letting her hair float out. She has longer hair than I’d expected because when dry, the ends of her hair curls upwards.

Having a lot of fun

Having a lot of fun

There is just one word to describe this photos: “AWP!”

 Everybody!  Everybody!

Everybody! Everybody!

Atok took a group photo of everyone shortly before we returned to the house. Of course, “shortly” is a relative term because the kids love the water so much it took some coaxing to get them out of there.

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  1. man, that was a fun time! i can’t wait to do this again and maybe by then yaya will be swimming more independently! i love that first picture you have – good photographing, abah!

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