Rafe’s 3 Month Birthday

Rafe (a.k.a. Adik) turned 3 months old! His first quarter of the year mark. He has been growing and growing (and maybe getting a little cheeky too!)


He enjoys tummy time and can keep his head upright, looking at things while his little legs kick and push. Perhaps not long before he’s mobile?

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Adik is almost fully breastfed at this time. He still gets about 2-3 ounces of formula to supplement the breast milk, and that seems to be working so I suppose we’re in no hurry to change our schedule.

Adik flipped from his tummy to his back the day before he turned three months old! It was quite an impressive feat. We think he’s just raring to run around with his big sister. 🙂 He cannot take his eyes off Yaya and will often smile and laugh at her even if she’s not paying attention to him. As for us grown ups, he does like it when we acah (make faces at, etc.) him. He seems to respond well to laughter and will smile – sometimes even when he’s crying – if he hears laughter. He is really a sweet and mellow baby and just enjoys to be around people – very talkative and babbly and bubbly and energetic in the wee hours of the night (of course). He still has that amazing squeal-gasp-laugh, but he seems to also be working on the most adorable little giggle. And now it’s easier to even photograph him smiling. What we know is that we do all smile when he smiles (even Yaya!).

The pictures below show how he spent his 3-month birthday, beginning with his morning diaper change 

[[image:2012_0329_rafe01.jpg:Happy to get a clean diaper:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0329_rafe02.jpg:Look at him smile!:center:0]]

Then he enjoys his breakfast and morning nap on the nursing pillow on Mama (while I’m working in the office, of course!). He takes a break from that hard work to play in the blue vibrating chair:

[[image:2012_0329_rafe04.jpg:Eyeing the hanging toys:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0329_rafe03.jpg:Artsy shot:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0329_rafe05.jpg:Yaya joins in the fun:center:0]]

Adik is beginning to kick at things purposefully but has not yet started using his hands to bat at things, although he does seem to be trying at times. 🙂 Then it is time for lunch (expressed breast milk and 1 ounce formula just for kicks) and more hanging out.

[[image:2012_0329_rafe06.jpg:Kak Yaya loves to put things on me!:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0329_rafe07.jpg:Another diaper change, yay!:center:0]]

Then more nursing and napping in the office with Mama. And then Mama takes a break for a late lunch.

[[image:2012_0329_rafe08.jpg:Happily hanging out in the stroller:center:0]]

After Mama has lunch, Adik goes upstairs with her for his evening nap (Yaya is far too rowdy and does not allow the poor child any peace to fall asleep). During this time, I get to finish up work, read, watch something on Netflix, or surf the net (or write blog entries) ;-). That kind of thing. Yaya and Papa come up for the kids’ bath before it gets too late, then we go down for the evening festivities of dinner. Then after Vin and Yaya go up to bed, Adik and I hang out on the sofa for the first sleep. 

[[image:2012_0329_rafe10.jpg:I’m ready! Good night Mama!:center:0]]

Then we wake up for a wee hours of the morn play and feed, and Vin and I watch a little TV, and then off to bed for everyone again. And that is about how we spend most of our days now. The following picture wasn’t taken on Adik’s birthday but it was so cute to see him sit in his bumbo chair:

[[image:2012_0329_rafe12.jpg:Papa, Yaya and Adik sitting together:center:0]]

All in all, it was a good day. Thanks for being such a good boy, Adik. Happy 3-month birthday, baby boy! We love you! And here is a picture of Adik, in an all-out laugh! 

[[image:2012_0329_rafe09.jpg:Giggle giggle:center:0]]

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