SWD6: Scavenging the Fallen

Star Wars D6:

Scavenging the Fallen

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the crew of the YT-1300 light freighter Pretty Enemy was tasked with retrieving a Carbanti H-50 targeting processor from the derelict husk of a crashed Imperial Star Destroyer on the planet Jakku. Six months earlier, there was a battle there where many Star Destroyers  had crashed onto the planet’s desert surface. Although the star system was remote and unremarkable, it had become the very site where the military might of the Galactic Empire was finally extinguished by the New Republic…

Scavenging the Fallen title

At the end of the trailer…

Dramatis Personae

  • Donetto – a smuggler
  • Hamilton – a speeder racer
  • Lubird – a protocol droid
  • Sam Aiman – a young Jedi
  • Susan – a brash pilot
  • Zam Wessel – a bounty hunter

We have seen better days

The Pretty Enemy, an orange-and-blue YT-1300 freighter, dropped out of lightspeed close to the planet Jakku and plunged into the atmosphere towards the desert below.

The players and I

The players and I

The Pretty Enemy‘s pilot was the smuggler Donetto and beside him was the fighter pilot Susan who co-piloted. As they flew into the atmosphere, Donetto steered the ship towards the site of the Battle of Jakku.

Unfortunately, an enormous sandstorm which could potentially crash the ship blocked his path. But instead of veering away from the storm, he plunged head first into it. Although the powerful winds and particles attempted to overwhelm him, Donetto (with a successful Space Transports piloting roll) was able to triumphantly push through and land in the desert, surrounded by many crashed starships as far as the eye could see.

Their target Star Destroyer was the Obdurate and its dead 1600-metre long metal corpse was 500 metres away from the Pretty Enemy.

Whiteboard character list

Whiteboard character list

This is Very Midsummer Madness

As they were hiking across the desert towards the Star Destroyer Obdurate, a bright red  blaster bolt struck Donetto’s shoulder, although the shoulder pads absorbed the damage. The bolt came from the conning tower of the Star Destroyer. The entire team ran for the Obdurate‘s giant hull as the sniper kept firing. A second bolt hit the ground near Susan, throwing up a cloud of fire and dust. A third bolt headed for Donetto again, but left a smoking hole through his jacket that had flapped away from his torso.

Once More Unto the Breach

Soo, they were under the shadow of the Obdurate and the Pretty Enemy seemed a million kilometres away.

Fallen Star Destroyer

Fallen Star Destroyer

Although the ship fell more or less in one piece, there were many holes in the crashed carcass of the Star Destroyer Obdurate. The team entered the nearest jagged hole where only one person could enter at a time.

Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth

Sam Aiman entered first and scanned what seemed to be a huge storage compartment where all the crates and machines had fell and smashed itself into pieces. As Susan entered, something appeared from the deep shadows behind the fallen machineries: a huge coiling serpent with two blinking eyes on each side of its head, and a beak like a vulture.

It lunged and bit at Sam, but fortunately the teeth only tore at the shoulder pad of his jacket. Although he considered himself a Jedi, he had not built his lightsabre yet. So he drew his blaster and fired, but the bolt did little damage.

Hamilton rushed in and fired his weapon. The energy bolt stuck the creature but did not let Sam go.

Something like the Vexis snake

Something like the Vexis snake

The protocol droid entered and assessed the situation. (From his Alien Species skill roll) Luberd knew the creature. He called loudly, “Shoot at its tail! That’s its weakness.”

Sam fired at its tail but missed. A second bite tore a bit of flesh from his shoulder, but he was able to bear the pain. The bounty hunter who took the name Zam Wessel was the last to enter and heard Luberd’s instructions. He drew his blaster and hit the serpent’s tail immediately.

The class generating characters

The class generating characters

The giant snake roared in pain, the turned and slithered into a hole in the wall.

Cry ‘Havoc’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War

Nursing his slightly injured arm, Sam rejoined the others while Susan turned off her datapad camera with a smile. It appeared as if the mission to scavenge the H-50 processor through the Obdurate will have more than its fair share of danger.

With the sniper who shot at them earlier, it was evident that they were not alone there…

To be continued.


  • This is another English class trying out their speaking and problem solving skills in a Star Wars D6 session but unfortunately we did not come across any heavy problems to be solved yet in the scenario.
  • A group of students chose one of the many character sheets I printed out and played that character as I GMed the scenario in class.
  • Each group came up with their own name.
  • Like I briefed them, it matters not if they did not know anything about the setting. Try to understand the context from my descriptions and react accordingly.
What's team Protocol Droid doing in the back?

What’s team Protocol Droid doing in the back?

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