STA: Black Hole Sun

Star Trek: Thine Own Self

S02 E04 “Black Hole Sun”



Stardate: 57995.5.

The Saber class USS Sienkiewicz NCC-88034 is sent to the planet Khotan now in a destabilised orbit & is now spiralling towards its primary: a black hole.

While other starships – led by the USS Ibn al-Nahfis – have evacuated thousands from the Federation colony there, the Sienkiewicz must evacuate the remaining administrators, scientists & engineers.

XO Lt. Cmdr Kodar Tamat, Dr. Thomas Crane & Lt. Mason Bentley are sent by Captain Toor to meet with Dr. Oyunchimeg at the colony. En route, the shuttle Sinclair almost smashes into a huge zero-albedo asteroid, but Bentley & En Isabelle Brunet avoids it magnificently.

They set down on the landing field where Lt. Leahmann Barclay is helping to evacuate engineers into the runabout da Costa. For a moment, Barclay loses his temper & causes an evacuee stampede.

At the same time a huge fiery asteroid streaks across the grey sky & impacts over the horizon. The sky turns red. Ensign Sparik at the da Costa hatch yelled that the impact shockwave’s ETA is 5 minutes. An evacuating engineer tells them the city shields are currently deactivated and unmanned in the basement of the colony’s admin building.

Tamat, Crane, Bentley & Barclay rush to the basement. While Tamat is unable to break the shield controls’ biometric lock, Crane found a security officer unconscious behind another console. They use his palm to unlock the shield controls & activate the forcefield dome with 90 seconds to spare.

When the shockwave hit, the world shakes violently for 30 seconds.

Crane wakes the officer up with a hypospray. Cpl. Jackson Okwaho said he was attacked from behind by an unknown person when entered the room. Tamat asks for weapons just in case. Okwaho provides them each with a type-2 phaser.

Barclay takes them all up the tower to the admin office where Dr. Oyunchimeg and 4 other city councillors are waiting. They do not wish to evacuate. They have discovered an exotic matter dubbed “gravitronium” that they believe can help restore the planet’s orbit and save the colony.

How will they all escape the catastrophic atmospheric disturbance? Who stunned Cpl. Okwaho and why? Will the gravitronium proposal work?
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