SWAG: Squeak, Claire and Dutch

I love it when children play RPGs. Their young imagination make any game soar. If there’s any way to help introverted children to help express themselves more and be better speakers, I would always recommend parents to run tabletop RPGs for them.

This was why I immediately took this request on the Star Wars Artists’ Guild, which was requested by Juanflaco. He gamemastered a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG game for his children, ages 12, 9 and 7. The 12-year-old plays Claire, the young teenager on the run from Tatooine. The 7-year-old plays R2-79 a.k.a. “Squeak”, Claire’s astromech droid. The 9-year-old plays Dutch an amnesiac former Clone pilot who has to protect the two.

Squeak, Claire and Dutch

Squeak, Claire and Dutch

Click here for the forum request.

Click here for the SWAG art post.

Click here for a larger image at DeviantArt.

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