The Cousins’ Weekend Sleepover

We spent most of the weekend at Baby Zara’s where Irfan and Aiman had a fun time together playing and watching cartoons. Once in a while they played with Zara as well, so she wouldn’t feel left out. Irfan even carried Zara around once in a while.

[[image:cousins-weekend01.jpg:Zara on the sofa like a boss:center:0]]

We all went out to the Chicken Rice Shop for dinner where the children enjoyed themselves.

How much did the cousins enjoy themselves? By this much!

[[image:cousins-weekend02.jpg:The chikin was delicious too:center:0]]

Even Ain had extended talks with her niece. I don’t think they understood one another, but it looked like they were having fun conversing over the weekend.

[[image:cousins-weekend03.jpg:I think my aunt wants me to get a job:center:0]]

Everyone was so well-occupied I managed to draw 8 pieces of artwork over the two days, drawing at the laptop with the graphic tablet.

[[image:cousins-weekend04.jpg:All the cousins on the Othman side of the family:center:0]]

However, we had to leave before noon on Sunday as Irfan had Quran lessons and I had to go to Sweden to continue investigating bioterrorists using Lampir blood as a physical enhancement agent.

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