Our friendly ad hoc bowling team

A Bowling Sunday With Colleagues

Earlier today, the language centre welfare club organised a tenpin bowling session for the centre’s personnel for some rest and relaxation as a group. It was quite the fun experience. And the last time I bowled was… holy crap! 8 years ago?! I did discover that my joints are in need of lubricants.

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Atok bowls

Rainy Day at the Mines

The day after the bird park visit, there was another thing that Irfan wanted to do with his grandparents – which was to bowl. Actually the previous day we did attempt to travel to the bowling alley at Midvalley but the arcology was jam-packed with cars, so we instead went birdwatching. However, on this day we decided to see if […]

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Irfan Takes To The Alleys

The bowling alley, to be precise. Thanks to Irfan’s Cik Emma, we all went for a round of bowling last Sunday. Irfan was at first hesitant to pick up a bowling ball, but soon found himself having fun throwing the ball at the pins. The pins, I hoped, had fun being knocked down by us. [[image:bowling-01-01.jpg:Irfan the bowler:center:0]] Because we […]

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