Irfan Takes To The Alleys

The bowling alley, to be precise. Thanks to Irfan’s Cik Emma, we all went for a round of bowling last Sunday. Irfan was at first hesitant to pick up a bowling ball, but soon found himself having fun throwing the ball at the pins. The pins, I hoped, had fun being knocked down by us.

[[image:bowling-01-01.jpg:Irfan the bowler:center:0]]

Because we were assigned the rightmost lane, there’s space for us to take photos by the side of the alley.[[image:bowling-01-02.jpg:The gang?:center:0]]

Irfan again, the moment before he pulled back and swung forward. He managed to hit a majority of the pins in one of his tries.[[image:bowling-01-03.jpg:Attempt to knock down pins:center:0]]

He began to enjoy the game more and more.[[image:bowling-01-04.jpg:Running in victory:center:0]]

Irfan’s Ummi lets loose a bowling ball. Because we recently saw the movie, she chuckled when I told her we needed a Donny so we can tell him to shut up.[[image:bowling-01-05.jpg:Rolling thunder:center:0]]

Irfan and aunts pose when it’s Irfan’s parents turn to bowl.[[image:bowling-01-06.jpg:Cik Su and Cik Ma with Irfan:center:0]]

One time, the ball return mechanism went kaput, so the techs had to come and repair it. We played on til the end, after that.[[image:bowling-01-07.jpg:Repair operations underway:center:0]]

Before leaving we played a game of foosball. I thought if we could produce balls cheaply and bring them with us, we could play foosball indefintely here.[[image:bowling-01-08.jpg:The players were somewhat wooden:center:0]]

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