Sandtroopers on patrol

SWD6: Dangers of the Wastes

Strikeforce Enteague Interlude Contacts in the Dark Episode 3 Dangers of the Wastes Previously, during the mission to intercept critical information from being transmitted by an Imperial Ubiqtorate encampment on Tatooine, Mark Grog the bounty hunter, Steven Waverider the outlaw and Roland Ritcher the gambler meet up with Drew Greyhelm the rebel commando. They all rendezvous with their contact named “Wormie” on Taboon, after which they travel to Tatooine. There, they discover that the encampment is located in the Jundland Wastes… From Beyond After their run-in with the Devaronian scoundrel named Labria, Mark, Roland, Steven, Drew and Wormie procure transport for their desert excursion from Unut Poll the Arcona manager of the Spaceport Speeders. After a short time, Drew and the trio rent a SoroSuub XP-291 Skimmer while Wormie rents a rusty Incom T-16 Skyhopper because he claims that, “It reminds me of Beggars Canyon back home.” All psyched up […]

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Mos Eisley Spaceport

SWD6: Once Upon A Wretched Hive

Strikeforce Enteague Interlude Contacts in the Dark Episode 2 Once Upon A Wretched Hive Previously, three rebel agents from the Cratertown rebel cell on Ord Mantell, Mark Grog, Steven Waverider and Roland Ritcher  headed out on a mission with Strikeforce Enteague commander Drew Greyhelm from Enteague Minor. Their mission was to stop an Imperial Ubiqtorate team from transmitting the locations of their bases and outpost to the Empire. Streets of Mos Eisley Twin suns greet them as they revert back to realspace. Drew’s rebel contact “Wormie”  obtains permission to from Mos Eisley Spaceport to land at Docking Bay 94. As Drew and Wormie pay the port officer, the Ord Mantell trio catch a glimpse of a Twi’lek grinning madly at them from the landing bay entrance. They blink and the Twi’lek vanished like a ghost. Mark, Steven, Roland, Wormie and Drew venture into the hot bustling streets of Mos Eisley. […]

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Cloud City

SWD6: Many Meetings

Strikeforce Enteague Interlude Contacts in the Dark Episode 1 Many Meetings Some time after the abduction of Viveede Colore and Akela T’sing during their mission to Igmalar,  Commander Dominic informed Drew Greyhelm that Alliance High Command had a mission for him. An Imperial Ubiqtorate temporary encampment on Tatooine had discovered the locations of four rebel bases. The locations involved were the Enteague Outpost, the Tierfon Outpost, the Cratertown cell on Ord Mantell and the Outer Rim Communication Centre on Generis. The Imperial Ubiqtorate agents, supported by a platoon of stormtroopers, were waiting for the recall signal for them to relay their information. Drew’s mission was to stop this data from being transmitted with three rebel agents from the Cratertown cell. The trio will rendezvous with him in Cloud City on the gas giant planet Bespin. The team of four would next travel to Tatooine to meet their guide codenamed “Wormie”. […]

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