Tokyo Street Night

Desktop of a Street at Night

My latest desktop on this Linux Mint machine is “Tokyo Street Night” by an artist named arsenixc. I love the colours on this piece. It overlays a sense of peace over what could be a bustling street. Click on the image below for the bigger picture pop-up. Click here to see the image at its DeviantArt page. Bonus: Here’s the same street in the day and at sunset.

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New laptop

New Gear From Atok and Opah

Although having accepted a new job, there are many problems that we have yet to overcome. One of the biggest perils to my final semester in my attempt to finally earn a Bachelor’s degree (even though I’m married) was that the old laptop, who was my companion through adventure and hardship, is gone forever. (Or not; you can never tell with these techno-organic life forms.) Its hard disk drive gave up the ghost a month before we moved up here. I have a whole semester of assignment writing to complete and no new-fangled electronic typewriter thing to do them with. Not to mention, no money to buy a new one. Then one day, Atok and Opah Irfan sent me a package at my office (because being out in the sticks, we were not certain if the post office would deliver to the right house) and in the box was a […]

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I appear to have a new wallpaper for the Artist X 1.0 desktop. Click to expand it. It’s that ship sent by Weyland Industries. S.S. Lollipop or something. Can’t wait for the movie. I’m not saying it’s ALIEN, but it’s ALIEN.

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Where's the Ojoster Sector?

Ubuntu Miscellanea

Three things come to mind. Flash Problems I’ve been having some problems with browser-embedded flash files. Those of you who notice my reluctance to click on Youtube links during chat will be pleased to know that I’ve gotten Youtube working on this browser, as well as the new Photobucket user interface. It took me quite a while to hunt down the solution at the Ubuntu forums. There were several false leads, but finally flash is free to be fully-utilized by Firefox. What I did was to input the following commands line-by-line on Terminal and follow whatever instructions that was displayed. sudo apt-get remove swfdec-mozilla sudo apt-get remove mozilla-plugin-gnash sudo apt-get remove adobe-flashplugin sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree Never Doubt The Weather Applet This morning when I sat down at this computer, I saw that the gnome-clock weather applet said it was raining. I looked out the window […]

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Irfan at KL Tower

Irfan’s NimbleX

I’m currently running a new LiveCD within which resides the Linux operating system called NimbleX, and I’m writing this article with the Konqueror browser nestled deep within the LiveCD. The reason why this article is entitled “Irfan’s NimbleX” is because upon the startup of the OS, a voice says, “Welcome to Irfan’s NimbleX” in the voice of famed Star Trek and The Simpsons guest actor Stephen Hawking. The special thing about NimbleX is that the ISO file you download to burn into a CD is customisable! You get to decide what applications are included, how the default wallpaper looks like (and upload your own), the startup and shutdown sound and other neat stuff. This is how part of the custom ISO generator page looks like: Click on the thumbs to view the full images. I haven’t fiddled around with xorg to get the screen to conform to 1200 by 800 […]

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Desktop-Adorning Mandalorians

[[popup:mandalorians.jpg:(thumbnail)::left:1]]So the other day I put up a thumb to the desktop wallpaper that was on my Ubuntu side of the computer. Here’s the wallpaper on the XP side of the laptop, its size reduced from 1280px by 800px. There’s a whole bunch of folks in Mandalorian armour. I found the image for the wallpaper on DeviantArt but now I can’t seem to find it again to link it here. Click on the thumb to view the image.

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Blue Underpants Goes On The Dragon

[[popup:nextwave_foom.jpg:(thumbnail)::left:1]]Since the desktop is deader than a doorknob now, I’ve been using the work laptop for both work and leisure internet use. The current desktop background that greets me every time I boot up the computer right now is… Well, just hit the thumbnail to see it. Please take note that it isn’t the dragon speaking in the picture. The lady, saying all the words in the word balloons, at the head of the fiery trail of the jetpack is Tabitha Smith of Nextwave.

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Optimus Prime desktop

I’ve Transformed My Wallpaper

So today I made a brand new desktop wallpaper, which I think looks great. Click on the thumbnail over there to the left to view it in its entirety. I’m wondering about that glyph etched into the metal above his eye. This is where I got the original image, which is substantially larger than what is seen on my desktop.

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Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Adventures: Survivors of the KDE Desktop

Last time I wrote about the Linuxification of the home PC, I mentioned that I turned my Ubuntu into Kubuntu by installing the KDE desktop. It turns out I prefer the old GNOME desktop and the Nautilus file browser more, so with the command line in Terminal, sudo aptitude remove kde-desktop and POOF! A KDE holocaust. Lots of K thingamajigs were culled and removed from the operating system. We’re back to the regular Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake. Here is how my desktop looks like now: However, I did retain a couple of KDE applications which I can’t do without, survivors of the culling so to speak. Amarok Still a fantastic music organizer and player. I spent a couple of hours earlier this week reorganizing my tunes on Amarok, ensuring the ID3 tags for each music file aren’t screwed up. I used EasyTAG to edit by batch the ID3 data, and […]

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Irfan on the new desktop

A New Playgound (On the Computer Desktop)

After I vowed to install Linux into this here home computer some time last October, this machine is now 100% Linux. The 100% part was because my old two hundred year old Windows installer CD had reached the end of its days and I needed an operating system quick. Why didn’t I retain the old Windows XP already installed in the computer and go dual boot? I broke it fiddling with dual boot, thank you very much. The Linux distro installed is Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake. Although its original desktop environment was GNOME, I’ve installed K Desktop Environment (KDE) over it, effectively turning it into Kubuntu. So cutting through all the techinical details for now, here’s what the desktop and its associated applications looks like. Take a look at the desktop. After years of using Windows, this took some time to get used to. The wallpaper is homebrewed with GIMP, […]

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Hishgraphics on Ubuntu

Two Views Of The Same Page

Because I’ve using Firefox on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS to surf the net, here are two different looks of this website’s index page. I have no preference on which is better looking, but apart from the fonts, there really isn’t much difference, thanks to Ubuntu not being able to display the Trebuchet MS font. The original screen resolution is 1200 x 800. The top is the WinXP Firefox with the Aluminum Kai 2 theme; and below is the Ubuntu Firefox on Ubuntu with the Ubuntu Tangerine theme. Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images. Last night however, the home desktop died a fiery death and I can’t reinstall any OS. Not WinXP, not Ubuntu. (Thankfully, God created work laptops.) Thanks to a suggestion from Kris Vanderwater the Atlantean, I’m now downloading Knoppix ISO file to see if I can run the Knoppix Linux-based OS off the CD. However, if […]

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