SWRPG GM Screen in Sweden 01

My Gamemaster Screen Around The World

Once upon a time I created a Star Wars RPG gamemaster screen inserts for the 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded by West End Games. Recently, online friends sent me photos of the GM screens inserts printed out and used on their gaming tables. Here is the GM screen in Sweden, as used by Daniel Sundström. He sent the photos to me earlier today. Last month, Greuh of France posted his GM screen on Twitter. The player side of the screen has artwork by Najael. I am pleased that the GM screen inserts are being printed and used around the world.

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Bonus: Blasters for the player side screen

This Is What A DL-18 Blaster Look Like

So the other day I made three pages of rules and stats for a SWRPG GM screen. Those face inward, to the gamemaster who has to refer to rules and tables and some stats at a moment’s notice during a game session. What about the other side? you may ask. What do the players see? So people print out photos and artwork of scenes of whatever game they use. There are hundreds of official and fan artwork of Star Wars in the internet wilds. If you download the Pirates of the Spanish Main GM screen inserts for Savage Worlds, they also come with inserts for the player side with artwork and map. Here’s one insert I’ve made for SWRPG on the player side: A blaster visual reference guide. No longer do you need to tell other players, “I have that blaster pistol that Han uses to shoot at the sarlacc […]

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Combat & Movement

Star Wars RPG D6 GM Screen

Here’s something I’ve been working on for the last year or so, created over long periods of nothingness punctuated by brief periods of activity. My very own design for a full-colour Star Wars RPG Gamemaster’s Screen in D6 rules – using Inkscape. There are three pages of inserts, each US Letter sized. They work great with the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen. The first are tables for combat (injury, scaling, damage, healing, etc.), movements (manoeuvre modifiers, character & vehicle) and astrogation mishaps. The second are tables for Force Powers with modifier tables, and charts for weapons and gear. The last insert are nothing but stock NPCs to be used in a Rebellion-era campaign. That is, no Jedi and clone. Only Imps, fringer-types, droids (some from the Clone Wars which might have survived to the Rebellion era), and creatures that can kill you. I wish there was space for more stuff […]

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