The Expanse RPG: Escape From Ganymede

Scheherezade Tales continues with Kazuo Khan played by Irfan incarcerated overnight in a Star Helix jail in the twin-domed colony of Uruk Junction on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede after acquiring information on his missing sister Jirou Khan and tangling with an assailant in a full-body, black combat gear. Meanwhile, the crew of the Keris Gangsa, Captain Furaha Ding, pilot Batbayar Gray and engineer Zoë Mufolosi are worried that Kazuo has not checked in for hours. They would need to take off for their return trip to 643 Scheherezade soon… Here’s a short synopsis of the actual play video of our The Expanse RPG session last night. As per the previous entry, the video itself is embedded at the end of this page! The Expanse RPG 06 Escape From Ganymede Rebel Breakout An unexpected ally, a young 29-year-old Star Helix detective named Kessler, helps break Kazuo out of jail because the Mao-Kwikowski threat. […]

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The Expanse Sister Moon

The Expanse RPG: Sister Moon

The Expanse 05 Sister Moon Last time on Scheherezade Tales… Kazuo Khan, Detective of Scheherezade Safety and Security Concern (S3C) of asteroid colony 643 Scheherezade a.k.a. Zadi was authorised to be transferred from the settlement to Keris Gangsa, the asteroid’s only armed patrol boat for a trip to Ganymede. His old friend Captain Furaha Ding was the commander of the patrol boat. Kazuo also made friends with the brand new pilot Batbayar Gray. En route, XO Sasithorn Fawzi was killed by a micrometeorite fragment. Weapons officer Greg Farnsworth during an EV repair job on the hull exposed himself as a traitor. He shot engineer Zoë Mufolosi, but Kazuo mmanaged to successfully incapacitate Greg with a bullet. Here’s a short synopsis, because Irfan and I made an actual play video of our The Expanse RPG session last night. Check it out, embedded at the end of the page! The City on […]

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Keris Gangsa airlock

The Expanse RPG: Voyage into the Dark

The Expanse 04 Voyage Into The Dark Last time on Scheherezade Tales… Caught in a stand-off between two criminal gangs in an abandoned Archean Biotechnology palmyra palm orchard, Detective Kazuo Khan of S3C discovered that an external and invisible hand was working silently in the background. It had allowed infiltrators to sneak onto Zadi for secret operations that Kazuo had discovered and foiled in the water tanks. It had also sent combat drones to kill them in the orchard. But then after Kazuo had fought to save the gang leaders Toru Wengthai and Verheiden Reza, who became his allies, he realised that the clear and annoying voice in his head that only he could hear belonged to his sister Jirou Khan… It had been a quiet couple of weeks since the orchard incident which none of the authorities were aware of. Kazuo was returning to his normal routine with Scheherezade […]

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The Expanse with 3d6

The Expanse RPG: Unforeseen Elements

The Expanse 03 Unforeseen Elements Last time on Scheherezade Tales… After tangling with what appeared to be OPA infiltrators, saboteurs wearing state-of-the-art tech and a figure in the old tunnels enshrouded by glowing blue fireflies, Kazuo Khan woke up in a hospital. He also gained a new cat named Aki. On his way home from the hospital, he stumbled across two rival criminal organisations in an alley. They captured Kazuo when he revealed himself as a police officer… The Abandoned Orchard On days like these, Kazuo Khan wished that he was back on Mars with his sister Jirou. Armed with automatic weapons, the criminals herded Kazuo into an abandoned palmyra palm orchard. It was a large artificial cavern which was once owned by Archean Biotechnology, which funded most of the operations on the asteroid 643 Scheherezade, also known as “Zadi”. Kazuo recalled hearing on TV that Archean had been bought […]

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GM and Ruster

The Expanse RPG: Nine Lives More Or Less

Today was the second time running The Expanse role-playing game with Irfan playing former-Martian Congressional Republic soldier Kazuo Khan, now a police detective on the asteroid 643 Scheherezade also known locally as “Zadi”. Looks like it is becoming a campaign after all… The Expanse 02 Nine Lives More or Less Last time on Scheherazade Tales… Scheherezade Safety and Security Concern (S3C) detectives Kazuo Khan and Margarid Bohn followed up on a lead that suggested a bomb threat on the Gertak Lembu township’s water tanks. Later, they got into a firefight with Outer Planet Alliance operatives. After dispatching of all but one opponent, Margarid went to get backup because of jammed communications. Despite weakened from being exposed to vacuum, Kazuo climbed into an empty water tank. Inside, he found a recently-opened hole in the ceiling that led into old mining tunnels. He discovered an ancient ship stuck deep in a tunnel, […]

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The Expanse Title Card

The Expanse: Scheherezade Tales

I ran The Expanse RPG for the first time last night. It was a solo session with Irfan playing the ex-soldier Kazuo Khan, based on the pre-generated PC Casey Khatri. Let’s get right down to it… The Expanse Scheherezade Tales The asteroid was once known as 643 Scheherezade discovered in by August Kopff in 1907 at the Heidelberg Observatory. Its diameter was nearly 36 kilometres and it orbited with an orbital inclination of about 13 degrees. It was part of the Cybele family of asteroids out in the Belt and its orbit was closer to Jupiter’s than it was to Mars’. Now – centuries later – the solar system knew it as Scheherezade, or “Zadi” to its inhabitants. It had three settlements – Aberdeen Baharu, Gamelan Sakti and Gertak Lembu, built into it. Almost a century ago, engineers spun Scheherezade so that the settlements would experience 0.4g spin gravity. The […]

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