Where is Nien Nunb in this trailer? WHERE?

Han Solo and the Princess and the Trailer

Everyone and their pet tauntaun has written something about the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer, so here I’ll be regurgitating some thoughts about the musical score used for it: BUT FIRST, here’s the trailer, released earlier today. There are two familiar cues in the trailer, the Han Solo and the Princess cue and the Force theme. BUT SECOND, a disclaimer: The Han Solo and the Princess theme is my favourite theme ever in Star Wars, and why I think Rebel Fleet – End Titles in The Empire Strikes Back is the best of all Star Wars end titles score, surpassing even Caravan of Courage. Before the music go on to the full-blown new orchestration of the Han Solo and the Princess cue in the trailer, they play a four-note melody thrice. The first iteration was played on piano – the first notes being the one we hear when […]

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The Many Green Lanterns of the Trailer

The official trailer for next year’s Green Lantern movie starring Deadpool is out. There are quite a number of Green Lanterns in the trailer. [[image:green-lantern-trailer01.jpg:WHAT YA LOOKIN AT, POOZER!:center:0]] Kilowog! [[image:green-lantern-trailer02.jpg:Amon Sur, you’re a jackass:center:0]] Abin Sur! [[image:green-lantern-trailer03.jpg:But where’s Qward?:center:0]] Tomar-Re and the Oan central power battery! [[image:green-lantern-trailer04.jpg:Green Lantern of Space Sector 1417:center:0]] Sinestro! [[image:green-lantern-trailer05.jpg:Highball:center:0]]  and of course, Hal Jordan. Yeah, I just wanted to post pictures of the live-action corpsmen on the blog, is all. Too bad there’s no Mogo and Bzzd.

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Do They Sell This Suitcase Anywhere?

This nifty suitcase appears to be pretty cool, and seem to be good to have with you all the time. When you need to use it, all you have to do is activate it at your feet, like so: Then you wait for it to quickly unfold and show a pair of handgrips. You grab on to the handgrips and twist them, like so: Then you bring it up to your chest, like so: Then you stretch your arms outwards still holding the handgrips, exposing the arc reactor and automatically causing all the other parts to glide and snap into position all around your body, like so: Then you wait for the headpiece to pivot and slide over your head and form a helmet, like so: Finally, profit! Coming soon May 7, 2010.

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PUNCH Gunalan?

The Year the Hasbro Toys Invaded In Tandem

Preview of the upcoming giant robot mayhem movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been released. In fact, it was shown on TV during the superbowl, and not long afterward the trailers can be viewed in their high definition Quicktime glory at the Apple Trailers site. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights, shall we. Above: Autobot leader Optimus Prime receives a blow to the face, shattering his mouth guard in slow motion. One hopes that he turns around and stabs his assailant in the face with a big ass extendable energon sword as he is wont to do. I have no idea who punches Prime. Above:You wouldn’t want Ravage to bite you, cause after he’s bitten you he’ll probably also fire that big ass cannon in his mouth. Which usually hurts. I wonder if this Ravage can speak, and if he does will he speak in a […]

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An Array of Questions Concerning Youth

Is this young Remy LeBeau, the Ragin’ Cajun? [[image:weaponx01.jpg:Gambit:center:0]] Is this a young Victor Creed? [[image:weaponx02.jpg:Sabretooth:center:0]] Is this a young Fred Dukes? [[image:weaponx03.jpg:Blob:center:0]] Is this a young pre-cancer scarred Wade Wilson? [[image:weaponx04.jpg:Deadpool:center:0]] Is this a teenaged diamond-skinned Emma Frost? [[image:weaponx05.jpg:White Queen:center:0]] Is this a very young Ororo Munroe? [[image:weaponx06.jpg:Storm:center:0]] and finally, bringing it all together in his new movie out next May, is this a young, pre-Logan, pre-adamantium skeleton James Howlett himself? [[image:weaponx07.jpg:Weapon X:center:0]]  Snikt.

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Two Mediums: A Visual Comparison

Last year I wrote about the upcoming Watchmen movie to be directed by Zack Snyder. Today, I finally saw a trailer. I’ve been had by trailers before, so there’s still a chance that the actual movie might still suck. But still I’m an optimist. When I first saw the trailer in High-definition Quicktime, I knew I had to make a comparison of the shots in the trailer and panels in the actual Watchmen comics. Then I thought, why not do it here in this weblog. Enough gab. Enjoy the images, starting with Mister Blake here: [[image:watchmen_comp01a.jpg:The Comedian’s last laugh:center:0]] [[image:watchmen_comp01b.jpg:John Winchester himself:center:0]] Here’s the Comedian during the Vietnam War. [[image:watchmen_comp02a.jpg:Superheroes in a war:center:0]] [[image:watchmen_comp02b1.jpg:Burning the Viet Cong:center:0]] [[image:watchmen_comp02b2.jpg:Sam and Dean says, ‘Dad?’:center:0]] Jon returns, after a fashion: [[image:watchmen_comp03a.jpg:Yes. It’s a blue peener. What of it?:center:0]] [[image:watchmen_comp03b.jpg:No blue peener here, though:center:0]] Doctor Manhattan takes Vietnam: [[image:watchmen_comp04a.jpg:I still remember this powerful image […]

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Optimus starts dancing to "Born To Be Stupid"

This Will Be The Awesomest Movie Of 2007

Ironhide twists and jumps away from the path of the incoming missile, and as he falls in slow mo he fires off a missile of his own. Holy shit! This will be for me THE movie of 2007. The recent Transformers trailer than was released last week dropped a couple of jaws. It had a close-up of Bumblebee transforming, Optimus Prime transforming with the classic cartoon sound effect, Starscream jumping up and transforming into an F-22 in mid-flight, Megatron about to stomp on Jazz in mid-flight, and Bonecrusher expressing his distaste for the public transport system on a bus. As a fan of the cartoon series and the awesome 1986 animated movie, I have no expectations of this live-action movie being a faithful adaptation of them. In fact how can one be a faithful adaptation of Transformers cartoon when you have Generation 1, Generation 2, the Marvel series, Energon, Armada, […]

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Walking, Talking and Punching Bots

As of last night, the new Transformers trailer went online. This is not the fleeting 2 microsecond glimpse of a silhouette smashing the Mars Rover teaser bit which I caught in the theatre just before Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties. (Yeah, I watched Garfield. Shut up in the back there.) This one shows a whole bunch of Cybertronian aliens, in various modes and transforming. There’s even a shot of the protoform stasis pod crashing down. I am happily surprised that there are no loud rock and / or rap music in the trailer to mark the movie as “cool” to the teens. It’s just a bunch of quick cuts of… well, lots of bits that made me and Irfan very happy as we went to bed last night. It’s not an adaptation of any of the Transformers sub-universes. I’m not even going to go “But Megatron was a gun!” or […]

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