Teaching Without Power

This semester I have to help teach another English course to a class of professionals in another learning institution. Today, during my class in which I have prepared a ton to slides to be shown on the screen, the unthinkable happened.

There was a blackout.

I'm clearly in red

I’m clearly in red

So I took the class outdoors. Luckily there was a cafe right outside the class, which was closed on a Saturday.

Forty's a crowd

Forty’s a crowd

The students helped me transport the whiteboard out to the corridor.

A matrix of some sort

A matrix of some sort

I tried my best to think of an exercise they could do in groups which would compel them to do research, write then speak.

Whiteboard becoming less white

Whiteboard becoming less white

In the meantime, the exercise also helped in getting the students to form a proper persuasive essay structure.

Presenting stuff

Presenting stuff

One thing is certain: These folks, unlike my much younger regular students, had no hangups about public speaking.

Almost done

Almost done

The topics I chose for the exercise correlated to the topics in the course module.

The result of the class activity

The result of the class activity (Click to expand)

Finally they were finished! Mission accomplished, and without any electrical power.

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