A little bit of retrospective blogging: back to Mak and Abah’s visit here. Even though it was early November, we had a nice warm-ish day, so we decided to head out to Miami University Middletown (MUM) tennis courts for a little exercise. Abah, of course, has been playing tennis (and playing it well) for 40 years. Hisham and I both learned to play when we were little, and I know I was never very good at it.

But I do love going outside, going to the courts, and getting some exercise (trying to beat Vin which I have never done yet – give me time!). So the four of us packed into the car, and took the short drive to MUM. We couldn’t drive right up to the tennis courts (they closed the gate to the access road) so we parked the car in the car park a short walk away and walked on to the courts.

[[image:us353.jpg:Beautiful fall day, beautiful day for tennis:center:0]]

First, Abah took pictures of Vin and me playing. Warming up, really.

[[image:us355.jpg:Waiting for Vin to serve:center:0]]

[[image:us354.jpg:Getting a backhand shot:center:0]]

[[image:us356.jpg:Forehand shot:center:0]]

[[image:us357.jpg:Keeping my eye on the ball:center:0]]

Then after the warm up, Abah and Vin played and I took pictures. Here’s a little taste of what I saw:

[[image:us358.jpg:The toss:center:0]]


[[image:us360.jpg:Vin’s forehand:center:0]]

[[image:us361.jpg:Reaching for a forehand:center:0]]

[[image:us362.jpg:Backhand return:center:0]]

[[image:us363.jpg:Stylish backhand:center:0]]

[[image:us364.jpg:Back to the forehand:center:0]]

Now you might say, OK, first Abah took pictures of Vin and me playing. Then I took pictures of Abah and Vin playing. So where was Mak while all this happened? Good question! She came with us? What was she up to?

[[image:us365.jpg:Nose in a book:center:0]]

Settled in with a book!

It was a fun afternoon, we got a little exercise, Mak got some reading done, and we all enjoyed the crisp fall day. Abah and Vin had some long rallies. And I showed Abah that I could serve the ball without it hitting my head instead of the racket. 😀

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