The Expanse RPG: Zakiyah’s Cries One Page Jam

Recently, I submitted a one-page scenario to The Expanse RPG community’s One Page Adventure Jam event. Ian Lemke from Green Ronin and Richard Kirke went through all eight of the submitted scenarios in the YouTube video below.

Check out what they have to say about all the adventures. The link below will take us to 00:51:52 where they began to discuss my one-page submission. BUT please watch the video to see what they discuss about all eight adventures.

The PDF is entitled “One Page Adventure Collection Volume 1”. It can be downloaded with other free The Expanse RPG goodies from Audun’s link here. Who is Zakiyah? Who is Zabaniyah? What are they doing near the asteroid 9093 Nanyang?

Spoiler alert: Needless to say, this is for game masters who wants to read the adventures. Players tread carefully in the sea of spoilers below, oyedeng.

The Expanse RPG "Zakiyah's Cries" one page jam

The Expanse RPG “Zakiyah’s Cries” one page jam

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