The Halfway Mark

I have been a total spaz about blogging lately. I’m so behind on all kinds of entries that I’ve been meaning to write and have been writing in my head. But as you might imagine, Vin and I have been occupied with other things lately. 🙂

Monday February 25th was our “official” halfway mark. Twenty weeks down, twenty weeks to go. Here’s what I look like, twenty weeks along:

[[image:halfway.jpg:20 weeks:center:0]]

I’ve been told I don’t look too pregnant yet, but you tell me! 🙂

In the meantime, some random thoughts on this whole experience:

1) How do men with potbellies deal with it? I mean, I no I’m not beanpole skinny-girl, but I was at least proportionate. I carried the weight in a balanced fashion. This whole belly thing is upsetting my equilibrium and not to mention the expanding belly does force one to compensate and walk differently or fall over. But the thing is, I know that my time with the pot belly is finite. At the end of the pregnancy, we’ll have a baby and I’ll have to carry the baby in my arms and on my hips instead of in my belly. The backaches won’t be caused by carrying a dead weight right in the stomach. But these potbellied men – I don’t mean the slight little pots that you guys (and we girls) all get as we age. I mean the men who look like they’re 9 months pregnant at all times. How do they do it?? How do they get out of bed and go to work and do all the things that they do every single day, and just dealing with the belly? I would be taking some steps to reduce the belly right quick, if I were they. I mean, I’m not even that huge yet, and already it gets in the way. Bending over to pick up the soap when (and I do say when) I drop it in the shower? Not that easy to do anymore. Bending over to pick up the cat, also challenging. Going up the stairs has me huffing and puffing because baby takes up space and doesn’t allow my lungs to inflate fully anymore. How do these men do it, every day, like a neverending pregnancy? How, I ask you???

2) Finally! I feel some movement! “Flutters”! Cool and bizarre at the same time. No, I don’t feel kicking or anything. It’s just something else going on in there – movement like I’ve never felt before. It’s cool! 😀

3) Boy there sure are a lot of pregnancy books out there…

4) Youtube has a lot of birthing videos. Real ones. Not for the squeamish.

5) I don’t know how single mothers do it. Without Vin keeping me sane (bringing food, drink, keeping me in clean clothes, keeping the house in order, cooking food, and all in all pampering me completely) I wouldn’t have survived this far. I don’t know how I could have faced this alone. Thanks, babe. Love ya.

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