The Return of Ashley Joan Ting… and Parents

On his birthday I got a call from Teik Sing. He’s back in town for the Chinese New Year, accompanied by Michelle and a nearly 1 year old Ashley Joan. We met up for lunch at a nasi daun pisang restaurant in Petaling Jaya and here are the photos of the occasion.

They only had 2 weeks to visit Sitiawan, Melaka and KL, which is no time at all. Next year, Teik Sing hopes for a month’s vacation for CNY.

Maybe there’ll be more time to plan activities and such. It was great to have them around for an hour or so, and Ashley is one awesome little lady. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year!






Mich and Ash

Mich and Ash

They return to Australia next Saturday.

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Khairul Hisham J. is a tabletop RPG artist, writer, proofreader, translator, teacher, grad student and learner-in-general.


  1. eh, that looks just like Raymond Ting wot was in sunday school sama saya at Pioneer Church, Kg Koh, in the 1970’s…..

  2. Hello Uncle Hisham, it’s me, Ashley – joan Ting, your website is super cool! I also have the nice picture you drew of me. My school friends are the ones that typed the weird comments 😅, sorry about that.

      • oh dear, haha. Well, I trust that you are well, and I hope that I can come back to Malaysia soon!
        😷 😉🤞✈

        • Stay safe, all of youse! Hope to see you guys again when they get this pandemic under control. Maybe you can stay over at our place in Perlis!

  3. ashie meanie, ashie boo boo, happy valentine
    you know the elephant named tipsy was electrocuted as a science experiement.

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