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Since Lilian tagged Hisham and I for the meme thing and Hisham actually did his, here’s my meme. Quick story about “Meme”, when I first saw it, I thought “grandmother?”. My friend and colleague Jo’s granddaughter calls her “Meme” (pronounced meh-may). But anyway – my contribution:

Where I was 10 years ago:
1995 – i was starting my Sophomore year at HU, and trying hard to gain back the 45 lbs I’d lost in the previous school year. I was getting used to living in upperclassmen housing and loving the old ivy-covered halls. My classes were quite sucky as it was the year I finished ALL (and i mean ALL) of my pre-requisite classes, so it was quite miserable. Thank God for my roomies and Music A.

Where I was 5 years ago:
2 years into being in the workforce, I switched companies and got a nice raise and much better working conditions. Still traveling like a crazy person though! Living in Somerville, MA with my roommate Lory, I had just met Vin at the end of the summer and we were keeping up a long distance relationship (Somerville, MA to Cincinnati, OH). At the time, I was also desperately trying to lose the extra 20 lbs I gained after putting back the 45 lbs I lost freshman year of college.

Where I was 1 year ago:
Planning my wedding to Vin (well, really my mum did all the planning – all I did was pick the colors and confirm the date). Vin and I were also settling into our new home (our first home!) in Ohio. We were waiting for our living room furniture to be delivered and picking out tulip, narcissi and crocus bulbs to plant in the garden. I was also still trying to lose the abovementioned 20 lbs, but in a less desperate fashion since Vin said he loved me just the way I was.

Where I was yesterday:
At home with Vin, baked a loaf of Cuban Bread, also went to the Middfest (blog entry to follow). Packing for my work trip back out to Connecticut 🙁

Where I am today:
In Groton, CT working my butt off… Also went to the grocery store after work to lay in supplies for Ramadhan which may start tomorrow or wednesday, I’ll find out later tonight.

Where I will be tomorrow:
At work in CT. boooooooo….Stressed Sila needs a nap.

Five snacks I enjoy:
– bananas
– Stacy’s Pesto & Sundried Tomato pita chips
– Dry roasted peanuts
– mini KitKats
– malaysian kuehs

Five singers (or bands) for whom I know the lyrics to most of their songs:
– Kasey Chambers/Lucinda Williams
– Beatles
– Elvis Presley
– Alleycats
– Los Lonely Boys (ay caramba!)
(can you tell Hisham and I were raised by the same parents – Beatles and Elvis! Uncle Elvis to Hisham and me!! Thank you very much!)

Five things I would do with $100,000,000:
– Take care of my family
– Take care of my friends
– Buy season tickets forever and ever to the Chicago Cubs (I’d buy the Chicago Cubs too, if they were for sale)
– Pay off my mortgage and buy properties in Portugal, Spain, Hawaii, Lumut, KL, Arizona and Boston, invest the rest
– Make donations to charities

Five locations I would run away to:
– Pulau Redang
– Hawaii
– Key West (not during Hurricane season)
– The Azores (i hear it’s cool – never been though)
– New Zealand (damn! didn’t it look so cool in LOTR movies??)
(hmmm I think maybe I favor the beach, no?)

Five bad habits I have:
– Remembering stupid trivia that I read (much rather remember more meaningful things)
– Buttoning my shirt up wrong (hey, if you see me with shirt buttoned up wrong, pleeeeease tell me, it is not on purpose)
– Messy (lazy to tidy up lah)
– Not letting people finish their sentences (they take too damn long lah! especially at work)
– not using capitals in my emails (having trouble keeping them straight right now!)

Five things I like doing:
– reading
– eating/cooking/baking
– traveling
– music
– word games (crossword puzzle, scrabble, boggle)

Five TV shows I like:
– Battlestar Galactica
– Law and Order
– Law and Order SVU
– Gilmore Girls
– many foodchannel shows..

Five famous people I’d like to meet:
huh this one is hard. let’s see,
– Enid Blyton (boy I loved her books as a child)
I don’t think there’s really anybody I want to meet. Fame is overrated.

My biggest joys:
– family
– home (the newness still hasn’t worn off)
– Vin
– friends (blogs + my beloved ACS Forum)

My favorite toys:
– Cindy O. Bear (ummm i meant my favorite master, right, Cin?)
– my piano
– my fabulous mixer!!!

5 people to tag:
wait, ah…i think about this first. I’m really new to this area of media and everyone i know has already been tagged…

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