Thirty Eight Weeks

Time for the bi-weekly update. Thirty eight weeks have passed. I am constantly surprised at how much larger I keep getting, but I’m assured by the doctors that we are where we should be. It probably doesn’t help that I am chowing down on oreo cookies as I write this entry! 😉

Weekly check up this morning went well – things are good. Getting close – pretty much any time now, although they are predicting that the baby might even go beyond the due date. Yikes to how big the baby might end up if I go beyond the due date! But anyway, Mak and Abah will be arriving next week, so we are excited. We are painting the nursery and will be picking up some baby gear this weekend (you know we can’t leave the hospital with the baby without a car seat – that’s part of the rules). It’s all coming together.

So, here be pictures:

[[image:38week1.jpg:More belly enlargement:center:0]]

[[image:38week2.jpg:A serious pot belly:center:0]]

You can tell that I am actually growing out of my maternity tops! Vin asked what would happen if I grew out of my maternity tops? My answer was “It’s time to induce, then”. 🙂 For a little bit of fun, I played with the settings of the camera and voila, how about some pictures in sepia?

[[image:38week3.jpg:Old timey preggers Sila:center:0]]

[[image:38week4.jpg:Lily and me:center:0]]

Don’t worry – I’m much calmer about the possibility of a large baby. We will take it in stride and do the best we can, given the situation (roll with the punches!). I’m starting to get a little sad that once the baby is born, I won’t have the belly, and feel the baby in there practising his/her tae-bo, attacking my ribs and bladder. Almost feels like it will be lonely. On the other hand, baby will be out here keeping us company for real! Vin will be able to carry him/her for real, instead of just feeling the movements through the belly. Wheeeeee! We are very excited to meet the new little person and get to know him/her!

Wish us luck! Oh, any predictions as to when this little person will be born? 😉

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