Boy or Girl? DON’T TELL US! – Part 5

Technically, in the U.S. healthcare system, we would be done with ultrasounds and see the baby for real when (s)he is born. However, at last week’s checkup, the doctor thought the baby might be large so we were sent to get an extra ultrasound to get a baseline of the estimated size of the baby. Not to mention, we have a history of high birth weights in both our families (Vin was 10 lb 3 oz – 4.5 kg, and Yope was 9 lbs and has a big head!). This morning we went for the ultrasound.

Here’s the news. As of this morning, the estimated weight of the baby in utero is 8 lb 4 oz (+/- 15 oz). So the range right now is 7 lb 5 oz to 9 lb 3 oz (3.3-4.2 kg). This is NOT the estimated birth weight, mind you. This is the estimated weight of the baby as of TODAY. And we have 3 weeks left according to one count, and almost 4 weeks left according to another date that the doctor gave us. So. When I called a couple of friends to tell them about the size of the baby as of today, and how much time is left, both of them independently of each other, told me “Sila, don’t be a hero”.

We go back to the doctor this Friday (check ups are now weekly) and will discuss what the options are to safely have this projected-to-be-large baby. We came back from the ultrasound today, just laughing like maniacs about the fact that a) baby is healthy and will have a healthy, strong birth weight, and b) OMG it’s no joke, we could be having a 10 lb baby!!! May I just say, those of you who have assured me that delivery isn’t so bad – were your babies 10 pounders? That’s 4.5 kgs or more. If not, then I don’t want to hear it!!

But enough ranting – we’ll figure it out, and god willing, the baby will be in our arms safely one way or another. We got some more pictures of the baby though – however, the caveat is that this far advanced, the pictures are actually not as clear as the last pictures were (not counting the 3D ultrasound pictures).

* Mouse over for captions

[[image:likely37wk_face.jpg:Face pressed up against the uterus wall:center:0]]

[[image:likely37wk_spine.jpg:The horizontal ridge at the top is the spine:center:0]]


I’ll sneak in pictures of me from yesterday (at 37 weeks):

[[image:37week1.jpg:Lily and me:center:0]]

For those who think, huh, the belly doesn’t look so big there, check out this profile view:

[[image:37week2.jpg:Whoa, belly!:center:0]]

So that’s our news. Wish us luck, yo!!

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