Trick or Treat! ROARRRRR!

Last year a buzzy bee baby graced us at Halloween. This year, we went with mammalian and feline, an inspiration from the zoo visit at Allie’s 26 month birthday, and since Allie does love cats so much. So…

[[image:2010-halloween01.jpg:Happy smiling lion:center:0]]

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight…

Just keep that song going while you read the rest of this entry, ok?

I know you’ve seen the lion costume before since we posted spoilers in the 27 month birthday entry, and I toyed with the idea of skipping the Halloween entry, but this year we actually went trick or treating! Only 5 houses, our nearest neighbors, but still this is momentous, right? Allie’s first trick or treat filled Halloween?

Here’s more of our little lioncub running around in the house:

[[image:2010-halloween03.jpg:mrowwwwww bashful lion:center:0]]

[[image:2010-halloween04.jpg:Wait where’s my mane?:center:0]]

[[image:2010-halloween05.jpg:Hey what’s in a lion’s paw?:center:0]]

Finally it is time for trick or treat and going outside as a lion!

[[image:2010-halloween06.jpg:Coming down the driveway:center:0]]

Last year we had to hold her hand since she was just learning to walk. This year we have to hold tight to her because of her tendency to run (and run onto the street). Our (finally) speaking Allie went around saying “Tick or teeee” (Trick or treat) and “Hallooooeeee” (Happy Halloween).

[[image:2010-halloween07.jpg:Excited to embark on a new adventure!:center:0]]

She wasn’t quite sure what to do when people offered her candy, she didn’t actually take any. The neighbors had to put the candy in her little bucket for her and sometimes she remembered to thank them. As I said before, we only went to the 5 closest houses and everyone was home and handing out candy. Allie proudly showed off her tail and roared, although she was rather shy around the neighbors (is she finally getting some shyness?). After that we stayed in the yard for a little bit, handing out candy to other trick or treaters (there were 8-10 kids this year! a record for our street!).

[[image:2010-halloween10.jpg:Lioncub with full bucket of candy:center:0]]

[[image:2010-halloween09.jpg:Ooops! Some fell out!:center:0]]

[[image:2010-halloween08.jpg:Lioncub and mums gone wild:center:0]]

Allie the lioncub didn’t seem to be as wary of the flowers as Allie the buzzy bee baby was though. And then we went inside and that was it! I think we ended up with more candy than we started out with (I believe we weren’t able to give out as much candy as Allie netted) so now Vin and I have the onerous task of actually eating it. I chop (call) the Kitkats!!! Lioncubs are still adamantly opposed to eating candy, but she does keep forcefeeding it to us! I suppose that is a good thing, but still…

I wonder what she will want to be next year?


Happy Halloween everyone!

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