Twenty Four Weeks on the 24th

I can’t believe it. Four more weeks have passed since the Halfway Mark! We are now 60% of the way there. I think there’s been more progress on the belly in the last four weeks though. What do you think?

[[image:24weeks.jpg:Growing Belly:center:0]]

I’m feeling pretty good, all things considered. Aches and pains that are considered “normal”, sure. Lots of whining to poor Vin, of course, but on the whole both baby and I are doing well. Baby does a bunch of moving around these days, which is a cool yet bizarre experience. Seems like the “flutters” are growing stronger now.

(This post not brought to you from my cell phone since I refuse to get a phone that does all those crazy things! It will only be extra ways that work people can get a hold of me!) 😉

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