Void Vultures Scribblings

Void Vultures is a role-playing game by Miriam Robern and Ryan Macklin where players take the roles of space derelict retrieval personnel – salvage experts, so to speak. Space is littered with dead, derelict starships and space stations and players will have to salvage them.

However, it’s no easy task since the old derelicts might have perils such as alien creature infestation, mutant berserkers, cyborg lunatics and heavily armed rival salvage teams!

To read more about Void Vultures, check out their Kickstarter page here! And here’s an awesome illustration of frickin’ space sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads by fellow art conspirator Ed Heil.

Check out my three art contributions to the Void Vultures RPG by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Scavengers security check

Scavengers Line

Its dentist bill wipes it out every time


Blow up cyborg priests and goats as you explore space derelicts

Boom Goat


Wait, what? Cindy Bear snuck herself into that last illustration? She did it again, that evil bear? We’re gonna have words.



Click here to see more Void Vultures artwork.

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