Wedding at Lunas

One day we had to leave Betty kitty at home for the weekend.

[[image:lunas-wedding01.jpg:What IS up with the many-angled ones?:center:0]]

We travelled south to Lunas, Kedah about three hours south where Ain’s cousin Zariff was getting married.

[[image:lunas-wedding02.jpg:Lunas is near Kulim which is a spitting distance from Pulau Pinang:center:0]]

Ain had found a homestay online and booked by phone. It was quite a comfortable pace to stay, we discovered upon checking in.

[[image:lunas-wedding03.jpg:This is the same place we rendezvoused with them a couple of years ago:center:0]]

Then we rendezvoused with Tok Bah and Tok Ma in Kulim who had driven in from Pasir Mas, and had some nasi ayam for lunch. We also took a drive to Butterworth to buy some pickles at the pickle store.

[[image:lunas-wedding04.jpg:Soon Irfan will be taller than me:center:0]]

The next day, we took the opportunity of having family members around us to take a photo of the three of us together before we headed in towards the kenduri.

[[image:lunas-wedding05.jpg:I like the vegetables:center:0]]

The nasi hujan panas served to all during the wedding feast was quite delicious.

[[image:lunas-wedding06.jpg:Last photos taken before bugging out of there:center:0]]

We took some photos with the bride and groom at the pelamin.

[[image:lunas-wedding07.jpg:It’s a great homestay – hope we return here some day:center:0]]

Soon, after pointing Tok Bah and Tok Ma their way home, we broke camp and headed back to Perlis and to Betty kitty.

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