Westward Locations Artwork 2

This is the second of two blog posts featuring location artwork of cities and prefectures on the planet Westward, where human colonists have been marooned for centuries with only an exotic steam-powered technology to run their machines. Over the years, new politics, allegiances and social dynamics have driven the inhabitants of Westward.

How would you play characters in an alien western steampunk setting?

Look out for the Westward RPG to be released soon!

A major city with a gambling centre


This city pumps out and distributes a lot of water


Most of the city is subterranean

Fort Gowchain

A militaristic settlement

Fort Darling

An abandoned fort with many dangers and a promise of treasure

Fort Spine

A well-defended fortress

Fort Amarell


There’s even a sideslicer on the hillside beneath Fort Gowchain there. Click here to see part one of two.

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