54 Months

And so Yaya is officially four and a half! 54 months! Where did all the time go? My little baby isn’t so little anymore!

[[image:2013-yaya54month-13.jpg:Happy girl:center:0]]

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Happy New Year! I think I forgot to wish everyone that earlier. 🙂

So, at four and a half, Yaya still has not expanded her palate. We had some small successes (very sad). Suffice it to say, in order to get a new toy, she actually sipped a little soda (I won’t even say what kind because it is shocking I tell you, shocking!). And we not only let her try it, we encouraged it. She had three sips of it to qualify for her toy, and off she went. Also, she licked an orange lollipop. For a new game, of course. So the new things that she tried this month was soda and orange flavored lollipop. It’s all messed up. We bribed her to eat junk food. And how bad is it that she only had enough to get what she wanted, and then she just went away.  

Bedtimes are now primarily Papa and Yaya’s time. Their routine includes brushing teeth, wearing ‘jamas (still have to be footed ‘jamas), either some reading or Vin tells her a bedtime story (she gets to decide what three animals are the main characters of the story) and if she’s still awake after that, up to three iterations of the same lullaby that we have been singing to her forever: When We Didn’t Get Along. In general she’s pretty good about going to bed and falling asleep (and staying asleep through Adik’s night time crying and what not). Even though she started out not sleeping at all well, she has turned out to be an excellent sleeper now.

We still do a lot of pretend play and running around in different voices and such. Red is her favorite color and she asked me to knit her a red scarf which took me a few weeks to complete but it’s done. This month, Yaya started a short 7-week art class (Drawing, for 4-6 year olds) at the Mason Community Center and she loves it. Vin says that she sits in class and concentrates on her work, raising her hand to ask questions and such. She’s so into the artwork that she hardly pays attention to the other kids in the class. Yaya sure loves doing art, all different media. She will sit and watch drawing/coloring videos on YouTube, sometimes even for hours. She then tries to apply what she has learnt to her own artwork with varying degrees of success. The new markers that she received at Adik’s birthday party has become one of her favorites!

Yaya is getting to play with her brother more and more. They run around the house laughing and shrieking, and Yaya puts words in Adik’s mouth when they talk. It is really amazing to see the interactions. This will definitely be a fun space to watch! Let’s start the photos with a section on Yaya and Adik:

[[image:2013-yaya54month-01.jpg:Getting ready to go out in the snow (note the new red scarf):center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-03.jpg:Building snow castles together:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-14.jpg:Talking through the glass – Yaya stayed outside to play after Adik got too miserable and cold:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-05.jpg:Giving her brother a horsey ride:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-08.jpg:Duchess, Purrsley, and Yaya sit quietly. Even Adik is still. Not sure what was going on:center:0]]

Unlike her Mama, Yaya loves snow! She goes out to play in it every time we get a layer on the ground!

[[image:2013-yaya54month-02.jpg:Scooting on her saucer:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-04.jpg:Snow angel:center:0]]

Yaya built a cave and is the hippo in the cave:

[[image:2013-yaya54month-11.jpg:Casual and cute hippo:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-10.jpg:Watch out, the hippo is about to pounce!:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-12.jpg:ALL THE HIPPOS GO BERSERK!!!!!!:center:0]]

And to close, here are a few last photos taken this month. It was a wonderful and fast-paced month. Happy 54 month birthday, baby girl! You’re four and a half now! We love you!!

[[image:2013-yaya54month-06.jpg:She still looks like a baby sometimes:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-07.jpg:Distracted smile:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya54month-09.jpg:See you all next month!:center:0]]

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