Another Ain Birthday

Last night, Cik Ma & Cik Su took us out for Ain’s belated birthday dinner!

Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve known Ain for so long and it seems like we’ve only met yesterday. But most of the times, I’m grateful for her and I know why life put her by my side. For her strength and resilience, I can’t see anyone else in that position.

Happy birthday, Bini jadi.

[[image:ain-2013-birthday.jpg:Awaiting the chicken to arrive:center:0]]

[[image:ain-2013-birthday02.jpg:Tri-Stat dX:center:0]]

[[image:ain-2013-birthday03.jpg:Cik Ma & Cik Su:center:0]]

And thanks for the chicken, Cik Ma & Cik Su!

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