A Book Writing Project on Pulau Pinang

And so it came to pass that I was invited on another project. This time we were to write and edit an elementary-level English language school book for Perlis. The team consisted of workplace colleagues and a selection of Perlis’ primary school teachers. We had to produce both English and Bahasa Malaysia books, so we split into two groups. Like the previous month, we headed to Pulau Pinang to do our work.

On the First and Second Day…

I mostly worked, except for when we had to dine together as a team. We stayed at Copthorne Orchid Hotel, at Tanjung Bungah and the view from the hotel was gorgeous. Check out the photos below. Also, in the early evening after my work was done for the day, we went for a stroll at the beach. Previously we were unable to bring Irfan along as he was stuck in his polytechnic hostel. This time, we were somewhat lucky.

On the Third and Fourth Day…

As work came to a climactic conclusion, we also went for a swim in the sea. I miss it dearly having unable to do in Perlis, where the beaches are mostly muddy areas. The best part was that I was able to lie back afloat and watch the sea birds hover aloft. Irfan however was stung in the arm – mildly – by a jellyfish. Before our ocean swim, Irfan spent hours at the swimming pool while I was at work in the meeting room.

When we got home, we checked and the COVID-19 test kits indicated that we were free from the virus.

However, a week or so later…

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